Jin Shin Jyutsu

We all have challenges in this life and support is in hand with an ancient Japanese art called Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Our fingers are individually tied to parts of our body that we can address for improved health for mind, body, and spirit.

How to do it

All you need to do is hold the related finger or fingers with your other hand for about 3 minutes or until you feel the tingling subside. It’s that simple. Repeat as often as necessary.

Here’s how to choose which finger you may need to use to remove the blockage of energy you are experiencing

The Thumb primarily represents WORRY but also addresses

Digestion issues
Stomach and spleen energy Stress relief

For Headaches focus on the base of the thumb

The Index finger points to FEAR
But it also is associated with

Teeth and gums
Self criticism and shyness
Muscle tension

Bladder and Kidney energy

Ever notice we use the Middle finger when we are ANGRY
Therefore this would affect
Blood pressure
General fatigue
Eyes, vision
Irritability and mood swings
We get Livid (Liver) and gallbladder

Our Ring finger represents SADNESS

Ringing in the ear (Tinnitus)
Respiratory functions
Skin conditions
Lung and large intestine

Our Pinky Points ro LOW SELF ESTEEM

Heart discomforts
Insecurity, nervousness
Heart and small intestine

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