CBD Personal Testimonial

I wanted to share an experience I am now having with CBD oil. I have a rotator cuff issue. I have been fine for years and exercise keeps it mobile and without pain.

During our lockdown period my shoulder acted up to the point of reaching out for a glass was painful. This is most likely attributed to a reduced activity in my arms.

Every morning I would awaken with my arm straight up experiencing excruciating pain in my shoulder on top. I tried many different protocols which would add mobility and reduce the issue during the day but I would always awaken to that pain in my shoulder often losing sleep over it.

Recently I got the 3500 mg CBD BIOCARE version to try out for general healing reasons

I started taking only 7 drops a day (3 in the morning 4 at night before bed). To my surprise the next day I noticed more comfort upon awakening unlike the pain and stiffness I was feeling each morning prior to taking the cbd 3500 mg.

Each day I would experience increasing improvement so that within 4-5 days I was forgetting about the pain entirely.

Now I’m stretching the shoulder muscles using a tennis ball at the shoulder blade on my back but there is annoyance but nothing like the severe pain I was experiencing without the cbd oil.

I have resumed my martial arts training and noticed that reaching for things on a higher shelf shows no pain or stiffness at all.

I forgot to add that at times when the pain subsided my muscles were tight causing restricted movement.

My wife got into CBD oil a few years back for her PVCs that her cardiologist could not provide any relief.

By using the CBD oil she got rid of the PVCs within 2-3 days as well. Now she simply takes it as maintenance and has had no recurrence.

I wondered if the 2-3 days timeframe for both of us had any meaning but it’s something to consider perhaps as a building period to assist the Endocannabinoid System.

So just wanted to share this experience that we had using CBD BIOCARE’s CBD oil

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