Inositol for TMJ

Some experiences are witnessed accidentally. This happens to me quite often.  I wanted to share these with you as I believe you or a loved one may also find it beneficial. 

At a stressful time in my life, in my early 30s, I was exposed to the dysfunction of TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint). TMJ is a tiny muscle that connects the lower jaw bone to the upper jaw bone. 

TMJ is experienced with clicking in the Jaw where this muscle is located. It can then be followed by spasms in the cheek or neck muscles and radiate all around. I used to feel like I had my head in a vice which was being tightened enough to torture me. 

During an episode one can experience a pain level ranging from an annoyance of 3 upwards to a level of 10.  At 10 the level of pain was so severe it can render one dysfunctional. Unfortunately, I suffered for six months straight. 

Dentist Experience

Dentists at that time, had no idea what the cause was from. Initially, he recommended I take Ibuprofen and see if that helps.  When this didn’t work, he gave me a prescription for Motrin which was stronger. Again, no success.  Finally as a last resort I was prescribed Indocin.  

Indocin’s potency requires monthly blood tests with long term use as it can effect the Liver. He added biofeedback training to help me calm the facial muscles.  He also gave me a bite plate to wear at bedtime to prevent me from grinding my teeth.

Again, in those days, Dentists knew of the pain experienced with TMJ but didn’t have a solution.

Finally No Pain

One evening,  my pain was so severe that upon going to bed I couldn’t sleep at all. I took three B vitamins (Inositol at 250 mg each) which I had read can help those that have trouble going to sleep in hopes that it would knock me out for the night. Well, it didn’t knock me out but  within 30 minutes I realized I no longer was in pain.  This was the first time in 6 months that I had zero pain.

I continued taking the Inositol with each meal and maintained a diary of my days.  I came to realize that taking 250 mg with each meal and one before bed I was now in control of the situation.  I also found that taking that amount had an effect of tiring me so I reduced the amount eventually to a minimum level of one a day which was perfect for me. 

Diary and Lifestyles

Using a diary, I discovered that eating with TMJ is a challenge because I could not use my teeth directly to eat like taking a bite of a bagel or even a banana.  What I had to do was take the bagel or banana apart with my finger  and place a small amount into my mouth at a time. Biting into an apple or an orange was a definite NO NO.

Over time, I was able to eliminate the TMJ situation entirely. As a result, I spoke to my dentist about it. He was impressed but not willing to research or recommend it to his patients. I even advised him that I was willing to share my experience with them should they so desire.

At that time, my only means of putting this information out to the public was via a popular health magazine however they never followed up with me on the information I had submitted. 

Instead, I recommend Inositol to all I come into contact with who experience the same TMJ symptoms.  This amounted to some 30 individuals who were all thankful as it helped them resolve their TMJ challenge.

In one instance, a close friend wouldn’t go out and buy the Inositol due to scheduling so I went and bought a bottle for her and said if you don’t use it I will take it back. She experienced the same beneficial results. 

Subsequently, I may feel the TMJ situation arising once a year, maybe twice, but I always reach from my Inositol which eliminates the pain and I continue a maintenance schedule for a few days, maybe a week, and it’s gone.

I believe it’s simply a nutritional deficiency coupled with the stress of life we all experience but handle differently.  Once you eliminate the pain, please examine your lifestyle situation to determine what is causing the situation to occur. 

Since I never wish TMJ on anybody, not even my worst enemy, anytime I hear of someone with this problem I tell them about my experience and my protocol and how I eliminated it.

I hope this helps you or a loved one should you need it.  This protocol has helped me again and again as well as the many people to whom I have recommended it.  

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