Healy, a Class II FDA Approved Device

Healy is a wearable biofrequency device that measures your body’s frequency and sends you the frequencies you need for self-health, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

The Healy is a class II medical device that has been cleared by the FDA for acute, chronic, and arthritic pain and muscle soreness due to over exertion.  Healy is based on the theory of Becker and Nordenstrom who said that diseases and functions are caused by “unnaturally reduced cell membrane voltage.”

Healy considers that cells communicate by electrical frequencies. This language is the key that opens connections and functions within the body. Medically speaking it can be said that metabolism, cell division, the energy of the cells (ATP synthesis), and the synthesis of proteins are meant to be stimulated by the frequency therapy.

How to

The first recommended application is the Gold Programs which address the foundations of the body. Next, the systemic programs are applied and then accompany them by the acute or local programs.

It is recommended to use your Healy daily but no more than three programs per day. It can be used for a variety of body issues such as Pain Relief, Fitness, Learning and Memory, Performance, Bioenergetic Balance and Beauty.   

Each program runs for about 50 minutes. They are designed to affect your body systems in a holistic way sending frequencies to the organs in the upper part of the body, into your glands, and into your nervous system. The goal of the system is the balance you and stimulate you at deeper levels.  So be sure to take time out from your daily routines and rest as the Healy does its work.

The Healy is also programmed to assist you with quick help should you need it.  In cases of acute stress or an acute energy issue you can use the acute programs which are labelled as “Acute” accordingly on your phone. Many have reported an improvement in their health, in how they feel, within their first treatment. More than 50% receive improvement within the first three applications.

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