The Becker and Nordenstrom Model

According to their model, humans are only as healthy as the health of their cells and their ability to communicate with each other. Cell health can therefore be determined by one simple parameter: the electrical cell membrane voltage.

The cell membrane voltage model states that a cell ideally has a voltage of -70 mV and thus enough energy to live and communicate with the other cells. In the course of disease, this voltage is often reduced to -50 mV. At -40 mV pain and inflammation can start to occur. A Cell membrane with a voltage of -15 mV, according to Becker and Nordenstrom, is the threshold below which the cell can mutate into a tumor cell. 

According to this model, electrical frequencies are the language and the key to cell communication. The frequency modulated microcurrent used in the applications communicates with the cells using the “language” of frequencies. Thus, one goal of the applications is to counteract the extracellular hyperacidity and restore natural cell membrane tension.”

By introducing microcurrents into the body remotely, through wrist bands or ear clips, Healy can bring the cell voltage back into the range. The currents are extremely low, and the range is just a few micro amperes. The sensational experience is very subtle. Some experience tingling or warmth in the area in need of support.

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