The Quantum Sensor of Healy

Healy stands out from other such therapies in that it has 144,000 gold frequencies developed by Nuno Nina plus Healy’s quantum sensor. The quantum sensor is unique and relates to what was used in Nuno Nuna’s clinics across Europe. 

The Quantum Sensor senses what is happening in your body at a vibrational level sending you the frequencies that will best support your overall health and well-being.  There are over a 100 special sequence programs that are available to support you energetically in many areas of life. Healy’s programs are referred to as “systemic applications” and are labelled with the abbreviation of “syst”. 

The quantum sensor is the centerpiece of the Healy which selects the gold frequency that are most suitable for your needs.  It then communicates with your body so that you are given in real time the precise frequencies that you need.   Systemic programs are almost always the first step in any treatment as the focus on the balance of the cause of the condition. Therefore, the programs are not applied locally because what is needed is a more holistic approach.

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