The Human Body Frequency

Energy is everything.  Energy is everywhere. Electromagnetic vibrational frequencies are what allows us to be connected.  Atoms emit and receive energy which operates at specific frequency.

Emotions and thoughts have their own electromagnetic fields just as do bacteria and viruses. 

"The Healthy Human body resonates at a frequency of 62-78 MHz, and diseases start when the frequency drops to 58 MHz."

The immune system weakens when our frequency is brought down by emotional, physical or environmental variables.   This immune system weakness sets the stage for bacteria and viruses to do their work.
The point is that a swamp filled with scum and insects is the result of the environment being vacation resort for this invasion.  The swamp doesn’t start out being conducive but evolves in this negative direction.  If the frequency of the swamp wasn’t conducive the invitation to the insects wouldn’t be so appealing. 

"If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we could have greater resistance toward disease."

Overview of Frequencies

Using a highly sensitive sensor to measure different frequencies Bruce Tainio has found that:

    • processed / canned food had a zero MHz frequency
    • fresh produce measured up to 15 MHz frequency
    • dry herbs from 12-22 MHz
    • fresh herbs from 20-27 MHz
    • Essential oils started at 52 MHz and went as high as 320 MHz, which is the frequency of rose oil.

Healthy Body Frequencies

Mr Tainio also found that a Healthy Body is comprised of:

    • Genius Brain Frequency 8082 MHz
    • Brain Frequency Range 7290 MHz
    • Normal Brain Frequency 72 MHz
    • Human Body 6278 MHz
    • Human Body from Neck up 7278 MHz
    • Human Body from Neck down 6068 MHz
    • Thyroid and Parathyroid glands 6268 MHz
    • Thymus gland 6568 MHz
    • Heart is 6770 MHz
    • Lungs 5865 MHz
    • Liver 5560 MHz
    • Pancreas 6080 MHz
Diseased Body Frequencies
    • Colds and the Flu start at 5760 MHz
    • Disease starts at 58 MHz
    • Candida overgrowth starts at 55 MHz
    • Receptive to Epstein Barr at 52 MHz
    • Receptive to Cancer at 42 MHz

Find out how Essential Oils, Bach flowers, and other ways we receive or participate in frequencies can bring us up or down.  Stay tuned!

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