Iodine Essentials

Iodine combines with an amino acid (Tyrosine) in the manufacturing of the hormone Thyroxine — the body’s regulator of energy in the cells.  It promotes growth and development.  Iodine helps prevent rough and wrinkled skin and regulates the rate of metabolism, energy production, body weight, and development of female reproduction glands. Iodine also increases the metabolism of calcium. 

Everyone knows that when you’re deficient in iodine your thyroid can enlarge (a.k.a. goiter) but deficiency can also contribute to inferior mental activity, falling hair, dry skin and hair, anemia, fatigue, lethargy, loss of interest in sex, slow pulse, low blood pressure and a tendency towards obesity. 

When insufficient, amounts of Iodine lead to sterility, high blood cholesterol, heart disease, poor circulation of the blood and lymphatic system. Insufficiency also contributes to an excessive buildup of estrogen in the body which has its detrimental impacts as well. 

There’s a review and a simple pathway back. 

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