Thyroid Hormone

Your Pituitary gland, specifically the anterior pituitary gland, produces what is called TSH or thyroid stimulating hormone.  This stimulator is what instructs the thyroid to produce the thyroid hormone known as T₃. When T₃ and T₄ levels rise to elevated levels, flags go off to stop the production of the stimulator from the anterior pituitary gland.  So, your body knows what to do when maximum or minimum triggers are met.
Triiodothyronine Halides compete with one another in the body.  So, where iodide is needed, bromide, chloride, etc. can compete for these iodine receptors thus interrupting the normal processes and weakening the system causing an array of symptoms.
What can be done to protect these systems or clear them of the intruders and thus bring my whole being back into balance?  Know your iodine levels and how to correct them.  

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