The Role of Thyroid Gland


Thyroid is a small gland (about 2 inches long) which lies in the front of your neck.  It has two sides (or lobes) which wrap around the windpipe and take a butterfly type shape.  Its two lobes are connected by the isthmus (a small tissue).

The role of the Thyroid gland is its constant release of thyroid hormones (T3 and T4) into the bloodstream which are key to metabolism, growth, development, temperature, weight and heart rate.  The thyroid hormone is crucial to brain development during infancy and childhood.

Note: The purpose of this and related information is to educate you on the importance of personal involvement in your health.  Knowing how things work and interact in a simple setting and how to bring the Thyroid, in this moment, back on track via simple means is key.  Follow this to its end and you will know how to prevent challenges through simple supporting means which will follow.

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