DIY Painkilling Extract From A Pineapple

I was reading about Pain and related natural reliefs when I came across this article about eating your way to the solution.  In this article it was discussed that you can make this simple painkilling extract which I thought to share with you.

Pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain that has medicinal benefits besides its enzymatic nature of breaking down foods for digestion.  Pineapples have been traditionally used for medicinal purposes in Central and South America for at least centuries if not longer.  

It reduces inflammation, used to dress wounds, and as, mentioned is an aid in digestion.  It was isolated in the late 19th century and today it is used in a wide variety of treatments to help reduce pain and treat certain ailments.

The author mentions that:

“While bromelain is found in the fleshy fruit and juice of pineapples, it’s more highly concentrated in the stem. Bromelain can be taken and used in a number of ways. It can be used topically in the form of a cream to heal wounds and burns or taken orally to reduce pain and treat and/or prevent certain medical conditions. When taken orally, it’s often taken in the form of tablets, powder, or capsules.”

Bromelain’s analgesic properties, makes it a great natural painkiller. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and hence reduce pain and symptoms of many conditions. For this reason, it’s sometimes used to relieve sporting-related injuries and has been used as a post-surgery pain remedy.

Some surgeries where it did provide relief include foot, nasal, and dental surgery.

To make this remedy click on the article link below.

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