Salt for Health

We have always  been told that “a low-salt’ diet is heathy.  This was always supplemented by the phrase

” there is no difference between table salt and sea salt.”

All of which were believed true by both physicians and the average person.

Dr. David Brownstein, in his book “Salt Your Way to Health“, states that he became interested in the therapeutic uses of salt when he observed  patients doing poorly on such salt deprived diets and not only because the flavor contained such a dull taste when it was a low-salt food.

His research showed that unrefined salt contains over 80 essential minerals that are washed away during the refinement process leaving patients deficient in minerals. So, unrefined salt was clearly a much healthier choice than the refined version.

The challenge was knowledge.  You see medical school teaches that salt equals hypertension and that the pathway to lowering blood pressure was placing the individual on a low-salt diet.  Clinically, however, Dr. Brownstein found many patients with hypertension had significant improvement in their blood pressure when deficiency of mineral was resolved with mineral supplementation.  What happened is that high blood pressure began improving by falling and that the immune system and hormonal system improved as well.  So how could this be??

The argument for the connection between salt and hypertension was very weak.  The reality was there was very little benefit in salt restrictions to control hypertension.

Dr. Braverman also saw patients with fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, dizziness, Meniere’s disease and other such health issues improve when unrefined salt was used in conjunction with a more holistic protocol.

His book gives a welcoming new investigative look at unrefined salt’s vital substance and it’s related minerals.  He states that:

“It helps supports the thyroid and adrenal glands. My clinical experience has shown that it is impossible to have an optimally functioning immune system when  there is a salt-deficient state present.”

Please check out his book and make it a staple of you library. 

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