Rhodiola Herbal Benefits: Brain, Depression and Stress Connection

 Rhodiola is an interesting herb has been known to contribute to the improvement of mental concentration and energy.  Many benefits are attributed to this herb including increased attention span, decrease of fatigue and improvement of memory. 

Brain benefit:

Studies have shown that Rhodiola has improved learning and memory function which was related to Rhodiola rosea’s mechanism as a strong antioxidant.

 Depression and Stress:

It has also been studied with its relation to depression and is therefore becoming increasingly more popular.  In the article by Nicole Apelian, she discussed that

“A double-blind placebo-controlled study showed that ~1000mg of Rhodiola Rosea extract daily increased mental well-being in individuals with moderate to mild depression. “

She stated that overall depression in the experimental group of this study improved significantly after taking Rhodiola whereas the placebo group did not.  This also benefited their insomnia and emotional instability.

It also has antistress features on the body which was disclosed in a clinical trial of 118 individuals with symptoms of burnout.  Using a dosage of 400mg of Rhodiola daily for 12 weeks reduced anxiety showing that it can help with general stress management.

So, Rhodiola is more of a stimulating, stress-fighting herb.  It stimulates the brain to get you into focus, for a more productive mode of thought process.  As a result, it can also be too stimulating for some individuals.  If taken, it would be wise to take it in the morning and stopped by 3:00 pm as some do with coffee.

Those with bipolar conditions should avoid Rhodiola.

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