Enzymes: Do I need them?

Did you ever think about how almost everyone can tell you the value of some vitamins and minerals (co-enzymes) but when asked about enzymes they don’t know a thing?

Did you know that:

    • enzymes are necessary in every chemical reaction within the body?
    • every organ, tissue and 100 trillion cells in our body require enzymes?
    • to absorb our vitamins and minerals require enzymes for them to be used by cells throughout the body?

Enzymes are basically proteins when referred to as metabolic enzymes when made in the body.

Chemical reactions cannot take place in our system unless enzymes are present and without enzymes present, vitamins, minerals and hormones cannot do their jobs.

So how do we get enzymes, or do we have some storage vault of enzymes in our body that we can draw upon as needed?

Enzymes exist in all living cells, be it animal or vegetable.  As Dr DicQie Fuller says

“Technically, they are energized protein molecules. Our bodies can obtain in only two ways: by making them inside the body (endogenous metabolic enzymes) or by acquiring them through the protein food we ingest from outside the body (exogenous enzymes) by using properly digested proteins to replenish or make more metabolic enzymes”

Dr Fuller goes on the explain that as we age, our body becomes much less efficient, producing significantly fewer enzymes than when it was young.

Today’s, genetically modified (or energy-less) food is not recognized by the body since they appear as unrecognized proteins.  As a result, you don’t get enough proteins to replenish your supply of enzymes in order to remain healthy and energized.

As we travel down this path of unrecognized proteins the body needs a constant supply of amino acids from our diets to replace lost metabolic enzymes.  If we encounter any digestive challenges along the way, the result is an inhibition of the body’s ability to replenish key metabolic enzymes to rebuild.

In the next post we will continue with the benefits of well-known enzymes and how we can incorporate them into our health goals. 

The key with any supplement is to be cautious of products that include fillers, or that list contents by weight without listing proven activity units.

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