Inositol Revisited – Anxiety and PTSD

Two years ago in August, I wrote about how we witness some beneficial experiences in life by accident as I did with Inositol and my TMJ challenge. Since then Inositol has resurfaced in additional areas some of which we will address  below.  

Inositol has resurfaced relating to those challenged with Anxiety and PTSD.  It has been found that inositol (vitamin B8) reduces anxiety when taken in large dosages.  This calming effect not only reduces anxiety stress but ultimately raises positive mood levels.

Soldiers suffering from PTSD and stress have been given Inositol in exceedingly high dosages.  This was achieved by using Inositol in the powdered version, graduating up to the high dosage level required over time.  


The method used is as follows: 

Obtain the powdered version (such as Bulk Supplements). Please note I have no affiliation to this product nor do I sell it but I do use it. 

This product says 1/5 teaspoon equals 500 mg of Inositol.  Start with 1/2 a teaspoon in a 24 ounce bottle of filtered, spring or distilled water.  Consume this in small amounts throughout the day such as 4 ounces first thing in the morning, each meal thereafter and the balance at night.  Better on an empty stomach.   

Taking this throughout the day will most likely add the positive effects of hydration you may not be getting normally.  

Ultimate goal is to graduate over a month or so up to 18,000 mg or 18gs in the 24 ounces of water and taken the same as just mentioned.  

As you graduate through this process you will most likely experience lesser anxiety over time.  Just stay with it as your daily support program.

Next, we will further explore this interesting vitamin and how it assists the body processes and how this vitamin was lost through food processes which explains why we we need this supplement and why we are experiencing more serious health challenges that our parents and grandparents. 

We will look at Inositol via studies in PubMed confirming it’s role in our health and how we should consider taking it up as a daily requirement and those challenged increasing it to put back the support we arrived with at birth. 

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