Inositol – Overview

As we continue to explore this amazing vitamin from its B family group, we discover that Inositol itself has beneficial functions against a variety of challenges such as.

    1. Cancer
    2. Liver diseases
    3. neuropsychiatric disorders
    4. Diabetes

IP6 is also a natural antioxidant that has antitumor function and enhances our body’s natural resistance against a variety of diseases. It prevents kidney stones as well as liver and cardiovascular disease. As a reminder, IP6 is a molecule of Inositol plus 6 groups of phosphates that have different functions in the cells of our body.  Losing a phosphate group (which is what the number 6 represents) leaves 6 groups (Inositol itself as one plus 5 phosphate groups) remaining and the exact functions of the lower IPs groups (IP1 … IP5) are yet to be discovered.  The possibilities are enormous. 

When combined, inositol with its IP6 version, they provide a synergistic effect.  What this means is that the combination of the two (inositol plus IP6) has a greater impact than they do when separated.  The role that IP6 plus Inositol play in cellular signal transduction and anticancer action against colon, mammary, liver and lung cancer are incredible. Protection against cardiovascular diseases and other health benefits will be explored further in our exploration of this vitamin. 

Again, this is simply an overview which we will explore in great detail with studies provided about this Vitamin and its safe usage.

So, stay tuned for more!

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