IP6 Gold

The next question is what IP6 should I use? 

From a previous book I read, I was directed to IP6 Cell Forte by Nature’s Way and actually used the product. 

Continuing my research, I came across a second version of IP6 with Inositol which was referenced in a second piece of information.  This made me wonder which was the one developed and recommend by Dr. Shamsuddin.  Was I originally misled from my initial research or was there a reason for this other brand popping up in my research.  

The new product on the radar contains “Third Party Tested” in the label which was not listed on my original source.  I decided to write to the new company about their product “IP6 Gold” for any research they had on their product.  I was quite impressed by the response.

The response I received was from Mr. Tom Sokoloff, President of IP-6 International, Inc. providing the history of his first meeting with Dr. Shamsuddin.  Mr. Sokoloff met Dr Shamsuddin met in March of 1998 during one of the first lectures on IP6 & Inositol. 

Mr. Sokoloff said.

"I’ve been fascinated with these nutrients since then. It was Shamsuddin’s first book, IP6 Nature's Revolutionary Cancer-Fighter, where he mentions Cell Forte as a source. " This is the book I refer in my posts as it is written by Dr Shamsuddin.  Mr Sokoloff adds: "Back then he {Dr Shamsuddin} had an endorsement deal with them {Cell Forte} that ended in 2003 and my company IP-6 International, Inc. agreed to pick it up from there. "

There are no details as to why Dr. Shamsuddin dropped his endorsement of Cell Forte.  Mr. Sokoloff continued:

"Shamsuddin's research was with IP-6 and Inositol. He patented the specific ratio of the 2 ingredients. Cell forte and IP6 Gold are trademarked names for the once-patented formula. The patent has since expired, but our product remains the same. There were several studies both published and unpublished that we donated the IP6 and Inositol formulation for use. Most of them done in Croatia and led by Dr. Druzijanic and others. There was also a study in Jamaica regarding glucose metabolism led by Dr. Dilworth."

There is currently a pilot study underway in Croatia utilizing IP-6 International, Inc’s, IP6 Gold, in patients with periodontal disorder.

"The benefits in dental health applications is huge. Additionally, we hope to start another pilot study on IP6 Gold and its effects on bone health via osteoblast / osteoclasts activity."

You may not know this, but Osteoblasts and Osteoclasts work on bone development.  How they work is that when a bone is broken, the Osteoclasts remove the dead portions of the break like a cleanup detail.  Then the Osteoblasts come along and create new bone. 

Orthopedic medicine provides shots to those with Osteoporosis.  The shot stops the cleanup group from removing the dead bone thereby allowing the Osteoblasts to build more bone.  So IP6 Gold can have great benefits in this area which we will discuss in a separate post.  

"The other researcher to take a look at is Dr. Ivana Vucenik. She worked side by side with Shamsuddin over the years doing IP6 research. You’ll see her name included on many of Shamsuddin’s research papers. I maintain a close relationship with Dr. Vucenik and highly value her as my scientific advisor.
Interestingly enough…Dr. Vucenik was invited to join a group of researchers in Europe that are considered to be the Inositol experts these days. She is currently wrapping up a journal of research papers entitled, "Inositol Phosphates in Health and Disease." Should be released later this year."

Many thanks to Mr Tom Sokoloff for taking the time to respond and to fill in the blanks that are not apparent within the research.  I have switched to IP6 Gold (powder version) and feel more confident now than ever over its benefits. 

Stay tuned for additional posts during my journey and related topics about this great vitamin being researched. 

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