About Me

Richard D Sherman, BCTN, CNHP, LEHP
Jackson, NJ 08527

“All symptoms are gifts in strange wrapping paper.”

Dr. Darren Weissman

“Our bodies constantly speak to us. If only we would listen”





As a teenager, in the 1960’s, I discovered a vitamin that help me fight off colds.  My immune system had been compromised by a kidney infection I had at the age of 12. 

An added benefit experienced while taking this vitamin for my cold was the simultaneous elimination of my severe acne. 

This led me to share this vitamin with friends and family whenever they would come down with a cold or experienced acne issues as I had. 

In the 1980’s, I struggled with severe pain from TMJ which would render me dysfunctional. I then stumbled across another vitamin which enabled me to reduce my pain level to zero.

Due to these situations, I felt that something wasn’t right in my diet and adjusted it accordingly.  I added Martial Arts to my protocol for exercise however,  something was lacking.

In my early 60’s, I was challenged with a blocked artery. Due to my lifestyle, my body fortunately created two collateral arteries in support.

Additionally, at this time, I was initiating studies in Naturopathy and began using related herbs, vitamins, and amino acids, for added support while working on my mind, body and spirit.

I do not require anything else. The guidance I received was from two Doctors in the health world.  The first was a Doctor of Naturopathy and the second a Doctor of Oriental Medicine.  I am forever grateful for their guidance in my journey. 

Today, I have my Degree as a Doctor of Naturopathy and share my knowledge with all those who are open to a more natural state of well being.

My goal is to introduce this landing place for those who wish to gain some knowledge of what I have learned and witnessed. If I can be of service, consultation is available as well .

Allow me to navigate you on this journey of improved health in mind, body, and spirit.

Infinite Love & Gratitude!




Jackson, NJ 08527